About Dr. Wanda D. Carr

I am an author, teacher, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and life coach.

I didn’t become all of this overnight. It was a long and often challenging road. I am no stranger to struggles. I”m also no stranger to perseverance and triumph.

As such, I have a passion for motivating, encouraging, and empowering others and continue to seek ways to research and study the progression of women in the 21st century.

I’m the owner/operator of Helping Hands Consultant, a consulting firm located in Greenville NC, specializing in mentoring and coaching services. I hold an AAS in Information System Technology from Martin Community College; BS in Business Administration/Management from Shaw University, an MBA in Business Administration, an MSA in Accounting all from Liberty University, and a DBA in Business Administration from Argosy University.

I currently work as an adjunct professor at N. C. Wesleyan University. I live in Greenville, NC with my daughter, Anassa Thompson.

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Building An Empire On Little Or Nothing

by Dr. Wanda D. Carr

From the insightful analysis on today's money landscape to special exercises that help you find extra money where might not expect to, to personal anecdotes designed to be being positive and uplifting, Building an Empire on Little or Nothing takes commonplace, often hard to follow money advice and turns it on its head. 


Ride Out the Storm

by Dr. Wanda D. Carr

Ride Out the Storm reveals the omnipresence of God in every situation. Ride Out the Storm encourages you to hang in there and not give up even though the storms are raging and the night seems long. You are closer than you think. In the midst of every storm we can totally depend on God to order our steps. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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