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As a speaker…

Dr. Carr was warm and engaging. She told stories that really captured the audience. You could see people nodding their heads in agreement and really identifying with what she was saying and sharing in her passion. She wowed us with her insights and entertained us with her humor. I have never witnessed the level of engagement Dr. Carr was able to create, and I truly think she positively changed the course of some lives during her talk.

- Carl Bennett

As a coach…

I found working with Dr. Carr was nothing short of a blessing. She is supportive, gentle and compassionate while still being able to keep you on task and focused on the thing that matters. She was able to bring out things in me I didn’t know I had. She was able to help me clarify and achieve some important goals. I feel much better about the direction my life is going in now.

- Abigail Flowers

As a person…

I was in the process of changing career paths when I came to Dr. Carr. It was undeniably helpful to discuss my options with someone who was objective and knew how to achieve what you want in life. I feel like I have made a new friend.

- Wendy Fischer