I enjoy the privilege of being a sought-after speaker. And I understand that finding the right person to speak at your event can be a challenge. 

I have been speaking publicly for years and have appeared in places such as Holy Temple Church and St. Luke Healing Temple and have done seminars in various locations including Greenville, Wilson, and Lewiston. Most recently, I’ve appeared on the Patricia Ferguson Radio Show to talk about the release of my book, Ride Out The Storm.

I am happy to discuss the possibility of doing a keynote or workshop, talk or presentation at your next gathering.

Here are my most requested topics:

  1. Financial Seminars – Budgeting and saving are concepts that pose a challenge to just about everyone, even the best of us. I can give proven and easy to implement tips and techniques in my talk on personal finance.

  2. Women and Finance – Financial concerns are not just practical; they’re spiritual as well. Especially and uniquely for women who often receive so many contradictory messages around the subject. I’ve come up with a way to kill the excess noise and separate the fact from the fiction by looking at what God has to say on the matter.

  3. Holy Women Making a Difference at Home – The saying “it all starts in the home” didn’t come into existence for no reason. Here, I dive into the unique power and responsibility women have to shape society by first effectively shaping the people in their households.

  4. Youth Empowerment Services – It’s important to prepare our youth by giving them practical strategies for dealing with real-world challenges they are about to face. This means jobs, promotions and the importance of being a good citizen.

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